Petroliana Auctions

Petroliana items have gained popularity over the years. There are many platforms where you can buy petroliana items, you can even buy them on eBay. There are auctions held for petroliana items as well. Let’s have a look at the Route 32 Auction company.

Route 32 Auctions

In Crawfordsville Indiana, there is a home-run company called the Route 32 Auctions. The company specializes in antique items related to petroliana and automobilia that are rarely found anywhere else. As the name implies they hold auctions and in order to increase their audience as much as possible they provide online, phone and on-site bidding. Kevin Parker is the owner of Route 32 Auctions.

They have a variety of petroliana items that include gas pumps, neon signs, oil cans, road maps, and gas pump globes.

Gas Pumps

Gas pumps were first invented 130 years ago by S.F. Bowser and now they are the foundation of petroliana devotee collection. A fun fact about gas pumps is that they were invented before the invention of automobiles.

Neon Signs

In the early days, neon signs were used by oil and gas companies to advertise their product and to compete with other brands and display their supremacy. The brand logo was also cemented on these signs.

Oil Cans

Oil cans have a special place in the hearts of petroliana collectors. Without these oil cans, a petroliana collection would always be considered deficient.

Road Maps

Roadmaps have been in use for the longest time even before the invention of automobiles. Even with the invention of GPS and digital maps, the admiration for the paper road maps has not been diminished in the hearts of automobilia and petroliana collectors.

Gas Pump Globes

Besides oil cans, no other gas station memento holds as much nostalgia of the golden age of gasoline as much as gas pump globes. They are popular among collectors as they are rare and distinct and beautiful to look at.