Metal Kards Are Superior

If you live your life as part of the corporate world then how often do you get handed some business cards? You might meet someone while having your morning coffee and end the conversation with a handshake and an exchange of cards. You might have a client walk into your office and take a card on the way out, without specifying whether they intend on reaching out to you for business later or if they’re just taking one in courtesy.

The point being; at this point, the exchange of business cards has become such a routine thing that it’s hard to tell if someone really means business when they take one. This begs the question; what happens to your cards once you hand them out to potential clients and business partners? Do your cards survive long enough to make it to someone’s address book? There’s no way of telling unless you use Metal Kards. Here’s why Metal Kards are superior.

They’re Waterproof

It’s very likely that someone might forget your card in their pants pocket and by the time they realize this, your card will have been washed to a pulp already. If your card’s made out of metal, then for obvious reasons, no amount of laundry can destroy it.

They’re More Premium

Have you ever tossed someone’s card after you received it in courtesy? Well, if you have then remembered that the same could happen to your own cards. This is once instance of karma that you can avoid by having your cards made out of a thin sheet of metal with a premium finish. No one in their right mind is going to want to throw a metal card away. They might just keep it because of how pretty it is.