Is Hello Kitty Just a Kids’ Franchise

The world got to see Hello Kitty for the first time on a small coin purse, this was back in 1974 when Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty, released their Kawaii character to appeal to young girls. Fast forward into the present and Hello Kitty is easily one of the most iconic characters out there, one that is loved and adored by people of all ages across the world. Hello Kitty has been around for 44 years and you can pretty much find this character on every kind of item in the market, making it quite obvious that Hello Kitty is no longer just a franchise meant for kids.

From a business point of view, Hello Kitty is an incredibly impressive franchise, it started off as nothing more than an adorable character that would appeal to kids, but then it’s started diversifying itself. This diversification is precisely why Hello Kitty became so successful and will probably continue to be successful in the future. Currently, this franchise makes around 7B USD every year, revenue that it generates from the many industries that it has become a part of.

You can find Hello Kitty on all kinds of items, some that make sense such as stationery, clothes, food items, and video games. However, Hello Kitty can also be found in some odd places as well, let’s take a look at the weirdest places where you can find Hello Kitty.

Toilet Paper

Having Trump’s face printed on toilet paper is one thing, but making Hello Kitty go through the same treatment might seem appalling at first, however, Hello Kitty themed toiletries are quite common in Japan. Not because people do not like Hello Kitty, but because having this character on their toilet paper adds an extra dose of Kawaii-ness to their bathrooms. If you ever go to a Japanese grocery store, you are bound to find Hello Kitty on at least a dozen different products, so why not have her on toilet paper as well?

Taser Gun

Yes, Hello Kitty’s iconic face has also graced the Taser industry, one look at the Hello Kitty Taser makes it obvious that this self-defence weapon was not intended to be used by prison guards, rather, it was created to provide women with a cute yet effective way to defend themselves against potential threats.


If you are not ready to believe that Hello Kitty is meant for adult consumers as well then the Hello Kitty edition beer should be more than enough to convince you. Having Hello Kitty’s face emblazoned on beer cans sure makes their contents look harmless, but you can be sure to get a buzz after downing a can or two. You could even couple a Hello Kitty beer with Hello Kitty tobacco products if you are really into this character.

Hello Kitty has definitely become a force to be reckoned with in the business world, it is a massive success story and we are bound to keep on seeing her adorable face for quite some time.