Hello Kitty’s Augmented Reality Debut

Anyone who does not live under a rock has heard about Hello Kitty, an iconic Japanese character who is loved all across the world. Pretty much everyone readily agrees that Hello Kitty is insanely cute, the number one factor behind this character’s popularity. Hello Kitty was created by Sanrio is 1974 and it quickly captivated the hearts of everyone, today, Hello Kitty is the 2nd highest grossing franchise in the world, having generated a revenue of around $50B USD.

Hello Kitty’s success leads to the question that is cuteness alone enough to make something so famous? The answer to this question is no, while Hello Kitty’s cute aesthetics did play a major role in the character’s popularity, the real reason behind why it became such a huge success is that the Hello Kitty franchise has always looked for ways to further diversify itself. Originally, Hello Kitty came out on a small vinyl bag, but today you will find it on clothing, books, food, accessories, and pretty much anything on which you can somehow fit the character.

As a franchise, Hello Kitty has become a dominating force that is bathing in success, and its latest move towards further diversification is already underway. Sanrio has teamed up with Bublar Group AB, a Swedish game development company to create an Augmented Reality (AR) game for smartphones which will be centred on Hello Kitty.

This game will be developed with the goal of combining the Kawaii-ness of Hello Kitty with the real world, it is going to be a multiplayer game with a location-based play style, players will be able to go to various places by following an in-game map so that they can gather items to build their Kawaii Village. While Hello Kitty will be the main character in this game, players will also get a chance to interact from a plethora of side characters from the Hello Kitty franchise as well.

This Hello Kitty fuelled AR adventure is going to be all about giving fans a chance to interact with this lovable character, engaging with it and sharing their experiences with one another through an online community. Bublar and Sanrio’s idea on breathing more life into Hello Kitty is a pretty ambitious one and there are loads of people eagerly waiting to get their hands on it, but this is not the first time Hello Kitty will be visiting the real world with the help of augmented reality.

Back in 2013, a company named Amplified Robot made use of Hello Kitty in an AR demonstration that showed how virtual characters can be brought to life with the help of AR. Bublar’s take on Hello Kitty and AR is set to come out in 2019, while we do not have a set release date yet, we can begin hyping about the game since it is nearing its world wide release. With the addition of this game to the already vast franchise, Hello Kitty will continue to make people smile across the planet.