Hello Kitty Becomes YouTube’s Latest Vlogger

Vlogging on YouTube has become a really big thing now, so much that the YouTube market has become insanely competitive and Vloggers have to fight tooth and nail in order to stay relevant. Recently, a new player entered this market, a rather high profile player who everyone across the globe knows; Hello Kitty, Japan’s most famous and most successful mascot. Over the forty four years of her existence, Hello Kitty has carved a place for herself in all kinds of industries, ranging from the food industry to the airline industry, and now she has her eyes set on the YouTube Vlogging industry.

Hello Kitty’s creators, Sanrio, got the idea of giving her a YouTube channel after seeing how other virtual characters (Sakura Fujima, A.I Games etc.) had received such a positive response from YouTube viewers. Hello Kitty’s very first Vlog was kind of like an introduction that reminded everyone who she was and why she has decided to start a career on YouTube.

Judging from her videos, you can tell that the channel is primarily marketing itself towards children, but adults looking for a dose of cuteness and fun can also drop by and watch her content. Sanrio’s decision to have her debut on YouTube is probably driven by many factors, one of them being that children are some of the most frequent viewers on YouTube, meaning that Sanrio can market their mascot to their main audience even better.

Hello Kitty’s channel is not just an attempt at making her more popular, the content on the channel is genuinely fun and interesting, it is bound to appeal to people who enjoy tongue in cheek sort of humour with plenty of cuteness mixed in as well. The channel gathered up views, likes, and subscriptions like crazy, which goes to show that many people are happy with this move. However, there is a bit of criticism mixed in as well, mostly from older fans of the franchise who grew up with Megumi Hayashibara (a celebrated voice-actress) voicing Hello Kitty. On hearing her new, slightly robotic voice in her Vlogs, they felt sad, saying that it did not feel natural.

Other than this small let down, Hello Kitty’s YouTube career seems to be off to a good start, her follower count is steadily going up and she is producing fun content that everyone can enjoy. The most adorable thing about her channel is that she does everything she can to act like any other YouTube Vlogger out there, she even asks her viewers to like every video, subscribe to her channel, and also hit the notification bell.

While we probably will not be able to see Hello Kitty become as famous as YouTube stars such as Pewdiepie, we can say that she will be able to hold her own in the YouTube industry, especially amongst the kids who can enjoy her cute antics and adorable Japanese voice as they read what she has to say with the help of English subtitles.