Quality Steel – Steel Fabrication Services

In most modern architecture the application of steel and related metals is prevalent all over the world. Not only is this complex material highly resilient in nature but it also poses less threats to the surrounding environment when compared to other metals. It is basically an alloy of various substances such as iron and carbon which gives it a great consistency and durability. We all have heard about the phrase “tough as steel”, and it clearly explains the strength and toughness of this metal. Whether you apply shot blasting or traditional cutting method, steel fabrication can take place with various methods depending upon your desired end result.

Choosing steel for construction purpose over other products would also make you a responsible citizen of your country or nation. Due to its recyclable characteristics you would be reducing your contribution to global warming effects. More usage of steel for real estate and infrastructure construction means less need for wooden parts. This would allow eliminating cutting trees in the area that only steels away the natural beauty of the surrounding but also has adverse effects on our climate. Bits of Steel Supplies are your best bet for high standard of steel fabrication services and they have wide variety of options which includes stair stringers and steel beams.

Most modern architecture involves curved and low-angled structures that shape up the overall style and theme of that area. Steel rods and bars can be bent easily so that you can create uniform sized products without any disruption. Its production is also vital in the process of welding where two objects are needed to be fixed or joined together by burning metal in a specific amount. The aesthetics of a residential property have improved nowadays which has increased the demand for steel fabricators in these properties.

Getting a TV Bed: The Advantages

You most likely grew up in a house where there was one or at most two televisions in the house, and one of them had to be in the family room where they were on public display, and if you tried asking your parent for a television in your own room, they probably declined and said that having your own television would just encourage binge watching television and other bad habits. Now, that you are an adult, you might be delighted to know that TV beds are now a thing. So, a television happens to come with your bed that you can pull in and pull out whenever you feel like it and watch TV to your heart’s content, so if you happen to be interested, you can check out the TV Bed Store for their options in TV beds. Now, if you are skeptical about buying a TV bed, we have listed a few advantages for you to consider.

  • A TV bed allows you to watch television in your room. So, if you happen to be tired and you want to really relax and enjoy your movie or show, you can do that without having to move to another room to watch it. You can simply stay in your comfortable bed and enjoy TV.
  • It is great for parents with young children since you can hide the TV by pulling it into the bed, hiding it visibly, so you do not have to worry about your children watching TV, and if you happen to have toddlers, them pulling them and possibly damaging the TV.
  • A TV bed is a great way for you to watch late night shows without having to disturb anyone, because when a television is in a public area of the house, then the loud volume can end up disturbing other members in the house.

What Will a Good Financial Advisor Do For Me?

Whether you want to purchase a furnished home in a tourist spot or want to plan about increasing your savings so that you can send your kids to the college, in most of these situations you would need a professional financial advisor that can guide you to utilize your limited resources in a proper manner. Not only would you be able to save up a large chunk of your hard-earned money, but you would also have a better control over your various future investments. These professionals are known by different titles which include money manager and retirement planner but there main job is to help you attain your financial goals in a specific period of time.

A financial planner would first gain access to your personal data and report about current assets, so that he or she can make a close approximation about the time duration it would take for your goal attainment. Various factors over the period of years would affect your financial growth such as inflation, dividends percentages, and competition in the market. By analyzing all the interconnected details investment planners keep their clients updated about the challenges that they might have to face due to certain shift of the growth trend. If you are looking for top financial advisors in Cincinnati, then make sure to check out the website of Foster and Motley now.

Most financial experts recommend their clients to expand their business portfolio so that their income rate remains on the same track even during times of recession. Some industries might not work so well due to a certain decline in the market, so you would still be enjoying financial gains during those times. By getting counseling you would be able to remain confident throughout the year about your investments.

Is Hello Kitty Just a Kids’ Franchise

The world got to see Hello Kitty for the first time on a small coin purse, this was back in 1974 when Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty, released their Kawaii character to appeal to young girls. Fast forward into the present and Hello Kitty is easily one of the most iconic characters out there, one that is loved and adored by people of all ages across the world. Hello Kitty has been around for 44 years and you can pretty much find this character on every kind of item in the market, making it quite obvious that Hello Kitty is no longer just a franchise meant for kids.

From a business point of view, Hello Kitty is an incredibly impressive franchise, it started off as nothing more than an adorable character that would appeal to kids, but then it’s started diversifying itself. This diversification is precisely why Hello Kitty became so successful and will probably continue to be successful in the future. Currently, this franchise makes around 7B USD every year, revenue that it generates from the many industries that it has become a part of.

You can find Hello Kitty on all kinds of items, some that make sense such as stationery, clothes, food items, and video games. However, Hello Kitty can also be found in some odd places as well, let’s take a look at the weirdest places where you can find Hello Kitty.

Toilet Paper

Having Trump’s face printed on toilet paper is one thing, but making Hello Kitty go through the same treatment might seem appalling at first, however, Hello Kitty themed toiletries are quite common in Japan. Not because people do not like Hello Kitty, but because having this character on their toilet paper adds an extra dose of Kawaii-ness to their bathrooms. If you ever go to a Japanese grocery store, you are bound to find Hello Kitty on at least a dozen different products, so why not have her on toilet paper as well?

Taser Gun

Yes, Hello Kitty’s iconic face has also graced the Taser industry, one look at the Hello Kitty Taser makes it obvious that this self-defence weapon was not intended to be used by prison guards, rather, it was created to provide women with a cute yet effective way to defend themselves against potential threats.


If you are not ready to believe that Hello Kitty is meant for adult consumers as well then the Hello Kitty edition beer should be more than enough to convince you. Having Hello Kitty’s face emblazoned on beer cans sure makes their contents look harmless, but you can be sure to get a buzz after downing a can or two. You could even couple a Hello Kitty beer with Hello Kitty tobacco products if you are really into this character.

Hello Kitty has definitely become a force to be reckoned with in the business world, it is a massive success story and we are bound to keep on seeing her adorable face for quite some time.

Hello Kitty’s Augmented Reality Debut

Anyone who does not live under a rock has heard about Hello Kitty, an iconic Japanese character who is loved all across the world. Pretty much everyone readily agrees that Hello Kitty is insanely cute, the number one factor behind this character’s popularity. Hello Kitty was created by Sanrio is 1974 and it quickly captivated the hearts of everyone, today, Hello Kitty is the 2nd highest grossing franchise in the world, having generated a revenue of around $50B USD.

Hello Kitty’s success leads to the question that is cuteness alone enough to make something so famous? The answer to this question is no, while Hello Kitty’s cute aesthetics did play a major role in the character’s popularity, the real reason behind why it became such a huge success is that the Hello Kitty franchise has always looked for ways to further diversify itself. Originally, Hello Kitty came out on a small vinyl bag, but today you will find it on clothing, books, food, accessories, and pretty much anything on which you can somehow fit the character.

As a franchise, Hello Kitty has become a dominating force that is bathing in success, and its latest move towards further diversification is already underway. Sanrio has teamed up with Bublar Group AB, a Swedish game development company to create an Augmented Reality (AR) game for smartphones which will be centred on Hello Kitty.

This game will be developed with the goal of combining the Kawaii-ness of Hello Kitty with the real world, it is going to be a multiplayer game with a location-based play style, players will be able to go to various places by following an in-game map so that they can gather items to build their Kawaii Village. While Hello Kitty will be the main character in this game, players will also get a chance to interact from a plethora of side characters from the Hello Kitty franchise as well.

This Hello Kitty fuelled AR adventure is going to be all about giving fans a chance to interact with this lovable character, engaging with it and sharing their experiences with one another through an online community. Bublar and Sanrio’s idea on breathing more life into Hello Kitty is a pretty ambitious one and there are loads of people eagerly waiting to get their hands on it, but this is not the first time Hello Kitty will be visiting the real world with the help of augmented reality.

Back in 2013, a company named Amplified Robot made use of Hello Kitty in an AR demonstration that showed how virtual characters can be brought to life with the help of AR. Bublar’s take on Hello Kitty and AR is set to come out in 2019, while we do not have a set release date yet, we can begin hyping about the game since it is nearing its world wide release. With the addition of this game to the already vast franchise, Hello Kitty will continue to make people smile across the planet.

Hello Kitty Becomes YouTube’s Latest Vlogger

Vlogging on YouTube has become a really big thing now, so much that the YouTube market has become insanely competitive and Vloggers have to fight tooth and nail in order to stay relevant. Recently, a new player entered this market, a rather high profile player who everyone across the globe knows; Hello Kitty, Japan’s most famous and most successful mascot. Over the forty four years of her existence, Hello Kitty has carved a place for herself in all kinds of industries, ranging from the food industry to the airline industry, and now she has her eyes set on the YouTube Vlogging industry.

Hello Kitty’s creators, Sanrio, got the idea of giving her a YouTube channel after seeing how other virtual characters (Sakura Fujima, A.I Games etc.) had received such a positive response from YouTube viewers. Hello Kitty’s very first Vlog was kind of like an introduction that reminded everyone who she was and why she has decided to start a career on YouTube.

Judging from her videos, you can tell that the channel is primarily marketing itself towards children, but adults looking for a dose of cuteness and fun can also drop by and watch her content. Sanrio’s decision to have her debut on YouTube is probably driven by many factors, one of them being that children are some of the most frequent viewers on YouTube, meaning that Sanrio can market their mascot to their main audience even better.

Hello Kitty’s channel is not just an attempt at making her more popular, the content on the channel is genuinely fun and interesting, it is bound to appeal to people who enjoy tongue in cheek sort of humour with plenty of cuteness mixed in as well. The channel gathered up views, likes, and subscriptions like crazy, which goes to show that many people are happy with this move. However, there is a bit of criticism mixed in as well, mostly from older fans of the franchise who grew up with Megumi Hayashibara (a celebrated voice-actress) voicing Hello Kitty. On hearing her new, slightly robotic voice in her Vlogs, they felt sad, saying that it did not feel natural.

Other than this small let down, Hello Kitty’s YouTube career seems to be off to a good start, her follower count is steadily going up and she is producing fun content that everyone can enjoy. The most adorable thing about her channel is that she does everything she can to act like any other YouTube Vlogger out there, she even asks her viewers to like every video, subscribe to her channel, and also hit the notification bell.

While we probably will not be able to see Hello Kitty become as famous as YouTube stars such as Pewdiepie, we can say that she will be able to hold her own in the YouTube industry, especially amongst the kids who can enjoy her cute antics and adorable Japanese voice as they read what she has to say with the help of English subtitles.